Academic Advising

What can faculty advise me on?

Faculty members are a valuable resource for students.  Most faculty are willing to meet with students throughout the academic year to discuss any of these areas: Career Opportunities, Course Selection, Graduate School, Professional Development Opportunities, Research Opportunities, and Specific Areas of Interest. If you are interested in speaking with a faculty member, you may try to reach them during their office hours or by email. Please visit the faculty homepages for contact information.

When / Why should I see an advisor?

Advising for the next semester begins after the 12th class day, and is available on an ongoing basis, not just during registration. Only entry-level students and students who are on scholastic probation receive advising bars, and must meet with an advisor in person before they can register for classes. CS majors who have been promoted from entry-level and who are in good academic standing do not receive advising bars and are not required to see an advisor before registration.

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