CS Courses/Degree Plans

Can I take M 352K or PHL 313K in place of CS 313K or CS 311?

No, these classes cannot count in place of CS 313K or CS 311. The only exception to this is if you took these classes prior to Spring 2012. If so, you should make an appointment with your academic advisor by calling 471-9509 to ensure this is counting. You must include your EID in all communication, by phone, voicemail, or email, for our office to assist you.

How can I take an FRI class?

To get involved in the FRI program, you can get more information and apply through their website. Otherwise, you would need to speak to someone in the FRI program if you are a current student not already involved in FRI to gain access to these courses. It is at their discretion if they have availability for non-FRI students in their courses

Can I take CS 429 and another upper division CS course concurrently?

No. CS 429 provides the foundational material for upper division classes.  Instead of taking upper division classes, students are asked to focus on their math requirements (calculus, M 340L, SSC 321, etc.) in this semester with CS 429. The only exception to this would be an FRI (CS 378) course. You would need to speak to the FRI department if you are not already involved in the FRI program to gain access to these courses.

Do both my writing component courses have to be upper division?

They CAN be, but they do not have to be. Students have the option of fulfilling one of their writing component requirements with a lower division course. Advisors strongly recommend that Computer Science majors take one lower division writing component course (such as UGS 302/303) during their freshman or sophomore years. We offer several upper division CS courses with writing components with limited space availability that you can choose to take as well.


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