Scholastic Probation/CNS Grade Contract/Dismissal

What do I do if I have been dismissed from UT?

Students dismissed for the first time are automatically eligible to return to The University after being away for one long semester. However, if attending another college or university, students should contact the Office of Admissions at UT about the GPA requirement to be able to return to UT. A second dismissal requires permission from the CNS Dean’s Office to return to The University. A student dismissed for the third time may not apply for readmission.

What is scholastic probation and what do I need to do if I’m in this situation?

Students whose cumulative UT GPA is less than 2.00 are placed on scholastic probation by The University. In CNS, a student on probation must fill out a CNS Grade Contract every long (Fall/Spring) semester his/her GPA is less than 2.00. A student who completes the requirements of the Contract will be allowed to continue in the College. If a student does not meet the requirements, he/she will be dismissed from The University.

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