Career Fair

Congratulations survivors! We have weathered the storm and come out the other side reasonably whole!

When I walked into the Frank Erwin Center, I was definitely a bit overwhelmed. Over 200 companies were tabling, the thought of which made me a bit dizzy. And with both companies and students trying to woo the other, I couldn't help but think all this was a bit like some extravagant courting ritual. And I'm really bad at flirting.

Free Food is Overrated

One of the first things most people hear about working for Google is that they have free, gourmet sushi every day for their employees. They also have a free laundry service, free massages, free shuttles to work from San Francisco (with WiFi), and free nap rooms. The workplace is more of a dorm than an office, and to most people that's enough to entice them to, at the very least, apply to Google for internships and full-time positions.

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