12/06/2016 - Greetings y'all! Another semester of college is finally almost over. With the last class day passing over, we'll be going into some dead days before officially entering the finals week. For some, you're already free and just about to head off to your winter break, but for others, you're going to have to go through some final "bosses" before you can relax. With those "bosses" can come a lot of stress... so I'm going to give you some tips that I've found helpful over the years to reduce stress and help you do your best on your exams! Read more
10/18/2016 - The second round of midterms are almost upon us and everything seems to be getting harder and harder. More homework, more projects, more obligations, it just keeps snowballing. It's barely two months in and I'm having to research classes for next semester and sign a lease on an apartment, and I barely know what a lease is. Just for reference, my color coded calendar, which I made at the beginning of the semester to be more efficient and productive, looks like a rainbow threw up on it. Read more
11/24/2015 - My Facebook news feed has recently been peppered with a string of ridiculous and delightful events that perfectly sum up my feelings as the semesters draws to a close. Join me as I bask in their absurd gloriousness: Read more
10/23/2014 - A few weeks ago, I interviewed for my dream company. The interview was challenging—probably one of the hardest technical interviews I’ve ever done in my life—but I thought I got at least the majority of the questions. I got along with my interviewer pretty well, and we chatted a little bit about the company and his role there before we signed off. All in all, in my opinion, it was a pretty good interview. Read more
10/01/2014 - In high school I remember thinking that my life would be a lot easier if I just didn’t have to sleep. I hardly did as it was, and really felt that when I did make the time for it, or to do anything just for fun I was wasting my time and should have been doing something “important” instead. I got to college and things weren’t very different. While I now realize that my expectation to be a completely different person didn’t make much sense, at the time I was surprised at how little my life had changed. Read more
12/20/2013 - It was around 11 in the evening of Friday the 13th, and I had two finals, a paper, and a portfolio due in the next 24 hours. The finals I had studied for, but of course no amount of studying could fix the gnawing feeling in my gut that I would forget something. The paper was all but finished, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to edit it or give it the once-over it deserved. Read more
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