Me vs. Me

A few weeks ago, I interviewed for my dream company.

The interview was challenging—probably one of the hardest technical interviews I’ve ever done in my life—but I thought I got at least the majority of the questions. I got along with my interviewer pretty well, and we chatted a little bit about the company and his role there before we signed off. All in all, in my opinion, it was a pretty good interview.

How to Give Up But Accomplish Things Anyways

In high school I remember thinking that my life would be a lot easier if I just didn’t have to sleep. I hardly did as it was, and really felt that when I did make the time for it, or to do anything just for fun I was wasting my time and should have been doing something “important” instead.

I got to college and things weren’t very different. While I now realize that my expectation to be a completely different person didn’t make much sense, at the time I was surprised at how little my life had changed.

It's OK, We're All Stressed Too

It was around 11 in the evening of Friday the 13th, and I had two finals, a paper, and a portfolio due in the next 24 hours. The finals I had studied for, but of course no amount of studying could fix the gnawing feeling in my gut that I would forget something. The paper was all but finished, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to edit it or give it the once-over it deserved.

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