UTCS Corporate Connection/Dean Hachamovitch/Microsoft: "Building Software for Millions" PAI 4.42,

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Jenna Whitney
Feb 25, 2009 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Building Software for Millions!

Join us for an exclu

sive Internet Explorer 8 - Insider Event on campus this February 25th!

What’s it like to build software that is used by hundreds of

millions of people around the world?  How do you decide what code to

write?  How do you apply software engineering principles to build suc

h a product? How do you design software used by people all around the world

, in all walks of life?  These are the questions faced by our team a

s we build software like Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Live, and Internet

Explorer.  This talk will be a fast paced, and fun look at developin

g software for so many people—you can think about it as “what

’s it like to order pizza for millions of people.”

Dean Hachamovitch is the general manager of Internet Explorer at Microsoft

.  The team is responsible for building Internet Explorer 8, which i

s faster, easier, and safer than ever.  Dean is a graduate of Harva

rd University and has held positions working on Microsoft Office, Microsof

t Games, in addition to Internet Explorer.

Come hear what every

one has been talking about and receive free food, and a chance to win an X

BOX 360!!!

When: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: PAI 4.42

Sponsored by:  WICS