UTCS Colloquium/Programming Languages Seminar: Martin Burtscher/Cornell University Multicore and Other New Approaches to Reduce the Data Access Latency TAY 3.128 Monday March 26 2007 at 12:15 p.m.

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Jenna Whitney
Mar 26, 2007 12:15pm - 1:15pm

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Speaker Na

me/Affiliation: Martin Burtscher/Cornell University

Date: Monday

March 26 2007

Start Time: 12:15p.m.

End Time: 1:15p.m.

Location: TAY 3.128 - East wall (chalkboard)

Host: Keshav Ping


Talk Title: Multicore and Other New Approaches to Reduce the Da

ta Access Latency

Talk Abstract:
High-end microprocessors are poo

rly utilized because they often have to wait for data to be delivered. This
talk presents several novel hardware and software ideas that alleviate thi

s inefficiency by reducing the time it takes to access the data. First we

briefly discuss two latency-hiding techniques load-value prediction and so

urce code scheduling. Second we present an innovative multicore approach c

alled Future Execution to lower the access latency. Future Execution pairs

up cores and transparently and continuously converts the running program th

reads into helper threads that are streamed into the alternate cores. Thir

d we introduce a high-speed lossless compression algorithm to decrease the
data size in real time. We conclude
the talk with an outlook into the