Corporate Presentation: Abigail Tittizer IBM Extreme Blue IBM Extreme Blue Internship ACES 2.302

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Jenna Whitney
Feb 26, 2007 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Corporate Presentation: IBM Extreme Blue Presenta


Speaker Name/Affiliation: Abigail Tittizer/IBM Extreme Blur

Date/Time: February 26 2007 5:30p.m. - 6:30p.m.

Location: A

CES 2.302

Talk Title: IBM Extreme Blue Internship

Talk Abstr

IBM will have an Info Session to present this very exciting

ernship opportunity!!

Intern only Position
*The candidate for a c

o-op or internship may perform a subset
of the duties outlined based o

n the needs of the business.

%09Job Title:%09Extreme Blue Technical

%09Business Unit:%09IBM Extreme Blue%09
%09Date Needed:%09S

ummer 2007%09
%09Location:%09Austin TX; San Jose CA; Raleigh NC%09<

br>%09Degree(s) Needed: BS MS%09
%09Majors Needed:%09Computer Eng; Co

mputer Science%09

Job Description:
The Extreme Blue internship

experience combines great talent
and cutting edge technology to drive i

nnovation. Through
the program interns have filed over 230 patent disc

helping to create solutions for clients and bring-to-market the next generation of IBM products. Unlike other intern
programs tha

t may relegate a student to work on outdated
technology Extreme Blue i

nterns work on leading technology
that helps grow your skills and make

you a more attractive
candidate in the technology field. Interns in thi

s high
performance environment get to roll up their sleeves and

k with hot technology like Linux Grid computing RFID
and Web Servic

es. Extreme Blue teams are like mini-businesses
that must solve a probl

em or create a solution for a client.
The interns work in small project
teams that include business
and technical students along with IBM men

tors. Each Extreme
Blue team is part of a larger lab environment that i

approximately five other intern teams and a dedicated staff. This combination creates a team dynamic that fosters collaboration

d helps interns create both a business and technical case
for a project
while setting aggressive goals to ensure the
end deliverable is extrem

e enough to survive a competitive

Candidates should
possess the following basic qualifications:

A minimum of 3 months s

oftware development experience (programming
in Java C++ or C) in an o

pen source commercial or research
setting (equivalent of 2 semester

internships); A minimum
GPA of 3.0 (or 3.75 on a 5 point scale); The

ability to turn ideas into reality working closely with others in teams.

Desired skills include: active contribution to professional comm

unities (i.e. Open Source LUG IEEE ACM NSBE SHPE SWE AISES
HKN etc.) and a history of giving back to the technical
community th

rough teaching mentoring and tutoring related experiences


s should be prepared to meet and/or accept the
following special requir

We look for candidates with advanced skills experience and pass

ion for business and technology. IBM is focused on hiring top talent upon

graduation. As a result priority is given to candidates who are within 12