Colloquium: Gianfranco Bilardi/University of Padova & IBM Research How Well Can Physical Machines Approximate the Ideal RAM? in ACES 6.304

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Jenna Whitney
Dec 11, 2006 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Speaker Name: Gianfranco Bilardi

Speaker Affi

liation: University of Padova & IBM Research

Date: December 11 20


Start Time: 11:00a.m.

Location: ACE 6.304


Keshav Pingali

Talk Title: How Well Can Physical Machines Approxima

te the Ideal RAM?

Talk Abstract:
It is widely agreed that machi

nes based on sequential programming
are increasingly inadequate to full

y exploit the potential
of present and forthcoming technologies. Howev

er a rigorous
quantitative assessment of the inherent limitations of t

sequential approach does not seem to be available. In this

ext we take a look at two interrelated

(a) How well can

a physical machine where information has
bounded density and speed ap

proximate the performance of
the ideal Random Access Machine?


) How well can the properties of an algorithm that allow
for fast execu

tion be encoded in a sequential program in
ways that a machine can aut

omatically exploit?

We will discuss some results shedding light on t

he above
questions based on novel memory and processor organizations <

br>and related algorithm optimization techniques.