ACM Presents Spiceworks: Market Disruption 101 TAY 2.106

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Jenna Whitney
Oct 25, 2006 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Market Disruption 101: Learn how Spiceworks is di

srupting a market from the bottom up.
Scott Abel CEO and Co-founder of


You''ve heard all about market disruption plays. Ever w

onder how to do it? Now you can learn.

Technology start-up vetera

n Scott Abel co-founder of Spiceworks Motive and will discuss ho

w to run a classic disrupt from the bottom market play. Using Spiceworks a

s an example you''ll learn how to identify a market ripe for disruption p

ick a competitive axis for disruption and go-to-market to beat the incumbe

nts. He''ll share his thoughts on forces sweeping through the software ind

ustry and what it means if you plan to build the Next Big Thing. Scott''s

technology experience spans 25 years including founding three startups sh

epherding a company through a successful IPO and seven years working for t

he industry''s most infamous boss Steve Jobs. His real-world perspective

will educate attendees on the key success factors needed to build break-out
products in this Web 2.0 era.