TACC seminar: Victor Eijkhout and Jason Kurtz/TACC and ICES Sparse Direct Factorizations Based on Unassembled Hyper-Matrices J.J. Pickle Research Campus Commons Bldg CMS 1.142

Contact Name: 
Jenna Whitney
Oct 13, 2006 10:00am - 11:00am

Type of Talk: TACC seminar

Speaker Name:

Victor Eijkhout and Jason Kurtz

Speaker Affiliation: TACC and ICES<

Date: October 13 2006

Start Time: 10:00a.m.


n: J.J. Pickle Research Campus Commons Bldg CMS 1.142

Host: Robe

rt van de Geijn

Talk Title: Sparse Direct Factorizations Based on U

nassembled Hyper-Matrices

Talk Abstract:
For dynamic Finite Eleme

nt Method applications existing
sparse direct solvers can be said to s

olve the wrong problem.
They optimize the solution of a single linear s

ystem while
the real problem is to solve a series of systems that are

derived from gradual h/p refinement of a FEM discretization.
We pro

pose a new type of direct sparse solver that is able
to reuse the parts
of the factorization corresponding to
the not refined parts of the dom

ain. Such a solver is eminently
suited to the dynamic case and we will
present evidence
that even for a single system it is space and time ef

Furthermore it integrates in a natural way in the workflow of the dynamic application.

Speaker Bio:
Victor Eijkhout is
a research scientist at the Texas Advanced
Computing Center.


son Kurtz is a graduate student at the Institute for Computational

neering and Sciences.