Distinguished Colloquia: Dr. Professor John E. Hopcroft/Cornell University The Future of Theoretical Computer Science in ACES 2.302

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Jenna Whitney
Mar 21, 2006 3:30pm - 5:00pm

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Speaker Name/Affiliation: Professor John E. Hopcroft/Cornell Univer


Talk Title: The Future of Theoretical Computer Science

Date/Time: March 21 2006 at 3:30 p.m.

Location: ACES 2.302

Host: Dr. Chandrajit L. Bajaj

Talk Abstract:
The field of compu

ter science is undergoing a major change.
Some of the drivers of this

change are the internet the
world wide web large quantities of inform

ation in digital
form and wide spread use of computers for accessing in

This change is requiring universities to revise the content

of computer science programs. This talk will cover the
changes in
the theoretical foundations needed to support
information access in th

e coming years.

Speaker Bio:
Professor John E. Hopcroft is the IB

M Professor of Engineering
and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science

at Cornell University.
From January 1994 until June 2001 he was the Jo

seph Silbert
Dean of Engineering. After receiving both his M.S. (1962)

and Ph.D. (1964) in electrical engineering from Stanford
he spent three years on the faculty of Princeton
University. He joine

d the Cornell faculty in 1967 was named
professor in 1972 and the Jose

ph C. Ford Professor of Computer
Science in 1985. He served as chairman
of the Department
of Computer Science from 1987 to 1992 and was the as

dean for college affairs in 1993. An undergraduate alumnus

of Seattle University Hopcroft was honored with a Doctor
of Humanities
Degree Honoris Causa in 1990.

Hopcroft''s research centers on the

oretical aspects of computing
especially analysis of algorithms autom

ata theory and
graph algorithms. He has coauthored four books on forma

languages and algorithms with Jeffrey D. Ullman and Alfred
V. Aho

. His most recent work is on the study of information
capture and acces


He was honored with the A. M. Turing Award in 1986. He is
a m

ember of the National Academy of Engineering and a fellow
of the Americ

an Academy of Arts and Sciences the American
Association for the Advan

cement of Science the Institute
of Electrical and Electronics Engineer

s and the Association
of Computing Machinery. In 1992 he was appointe

d by President
Bush to the National Science Board which oversees the N

Science Foundation and served through May 1998. From 1995-98

Hopcroft served on the National Research Council''s Commission
on P

hysical Sciences Mathematics and Applications.

In addition to thes

e appointments Hopcroft serves as a
member of the Scientific Advisory

Committee for the David
and Lucile Packard Fellowships in Science and E

and the Nominating Committee for the National Academy of
Engineering. He chairs the International Advisory Committee
on Inform

atics and Engineering at the National College of
Industrial Relations i

n Ireland and is Co-Chair of the
NRC Committee on Network Science for

Future Army Applications.