Colloquia: Dr. Fred Chang/National Security Agency Research at the National Security Agency: Past Present and Future in ACES 2.302

Contact Name: 
Jenna Whitney
Mar 3, 2006 10:00am - 11:00am

Speaker Name/Affiliation: Dr. Fred Chang Directo

r of Research/National Security Agency

Talk Title: Research at the

National Security Agency: Past Present and Future

Date/Time: March
3 2006 at 10:00 a.m.

Location: ACES 2.302

Host: CIAS

br>Sponosor: Freescale

Talk Abstract:
This talk will address acti

vities in the Research Directorate
at the National Security Agency. Som

e interesting research
examples from the past will be mentioned and il

current topics will be discussed. Trends and future Informa

Technology research challenges will be presented. Additionally <

br>a brief video will be shown followed by ample time for
questions an

d answers.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Frederick R. Chang is the Director o

f Research at the
National Security Agency Department of Defense Fort
G. Meade Maryland. As NSA?s Research Director Dr. Chang

is responsible for leading and man%ACaging a research and
technology de

velopment program that will support the SIGINT
and Information Assuranc

e missions of NSA -- a program that
provides technology solutions in th

e areas of Information
Assurance Research SIGINT Research and Technolo

gy Mathematics
Research and Technology and Information Technology (on

behalf of the Intelligence Community). Prior to being selected

r his current position in September 2005 Dr. Chang served
as the Dire

ctor Center for Information Assurance and Security
and Research Profe

ssor Department of Computer Sciences
at the University of Texas in Aus

tin. Prior to that he
was with SBC Communications Inc. where he held

a variety
of positions including President Technology Strategy where

he was responsible for establishing SBC?s long-term direction
in te

chnology and President and CEO of SBC Technology Resources
Inc. (SBC?

s research subsidiary now known as SBC Laboratories
Inc.) where he wa

s responsible for running a major telecommunications
R&D lab. Dr. Chan

g began his professional career at Bell
Labs. A cognitive scientist by
background Dr. Chang received
his bachelor?s degree from the Universi

ty of California
San Diego and his master?s degree and Ph.D. from the
of Oregon. Additionally he completed the Program for Seni

Executives at the Sloan School of Management Massachusetts

itute of Technology.