UTCS Colloquium: Robbert van Renesse/Cornel University Robust P2P Systems without Playing Games ACES 6.336 Monday August 20 2007 at 2:00 p.m.

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Jenna Whitney
Aug 20, 2007 2:00pm - 3:00pm

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Type of Talk: Colloquia

Speaker Name/Affiliation: Robbert va

n Renesse/Cornell University

Date: Monday August 20 2007


ime: 2:00p.m.

Location: ACES 6.336

Host: Lorenzo Alvisi

Talk Title: Robust P2P Systems Without Playing Games

Talk Abst

I''ll present recent work in which we take a protocol tolerant
only of crash failures and turn it into a protocol tolerant
of Byzanti

ne failures. Different from prior work our translation
does not requi

re that the protocol is round-based and the
output protocol scales to

many nodes. Also different from
prior work we not only prevent nodes

from behaving badly
but force them to fully participate in the protoco

l or die.
This prevents behavior omission failures like freeloading. <

br>This is joint work with Chi Ho and Danny Dolev.