Microsoft IronPython Tech Talk

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Jenna Whitney
Oct 8, 2007 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: WEL 1.316

IronPython and Dynamic Lan

guages on .NET
Presented By Mahesh Prakriya

IronPython is the cod

ename for a new implementation of the Python programming language on the .N

ET Framework. IronPython is fast%97in fact up to 1.8 times faster than Pyt

hon-2.4 on the standard pystone benchmark. It supports an interactive inter

preter with fully dynamic compilation as well as static compilation to prod

uce pre-compiled executables. It''s well integrated with the rest of the fr

amework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers

. This session shows how IronPython brings the power of .NET to Python and

the power of Python to .NET. At OSCON 2004 the first public release of Iro

nPython was announced. This session demonstrates the latest IronPython vers

ion in a range of situations from using GUI frameworks to driving Microsoft
Office applications to working with a variety of external libraries. We al

so discuss other scripting languages on .NET such as IronRuby VB and Jscri


Mahesh Prakriya is currently a Lead Program Manager in the CLR t

eam working on dynamic languages. His background includes 10+ years at Micr

osoft (2 years in SQL Server 6 years in .NET CLR team in Developer Divisio

n in Microsoft and another 2 years before that in VS). Before Microsoft Mah

esh was a developer for 3 years in Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) in Solaris/S

ybase/X-Motif environment. Mahesh has a Masters in Computer Science from Un

iversity of Pennsylvania and bachelors in electrical engineering.