UTCS Corporate Connection: Jun Sawada/IBM Austin Research Laboratory: "Challenges for Industrial Research Laboratory in Post-Scaling Age" ACES 2.302, Monday, April 27, 2009 1:00 p.m.

Contact Name: 
Jenna Whitney
Apr 27, 2009 1:00pm - 1:45pm

Type of Talk:  UTCS Corporate Connection


/Affiliation:  Jun Sawada/IBM Austin Research Laboratory


ime:  Monday, April 27, 2009  1:00 p.m.


; ACES 2.302

Host:  UTCS Friends of Computer Science (FoCS)

Talk Title:  "Challenges for Industrial Research Laboratory

in Post-Scaling Age"

Talk Abstract:

This talk will be tar

geted to the graduate students who are  interested in working for ind

ustrial research laboratories.  The speaker will introduce IBM Resear

ch, its recent achievements, and most importantly its challenges ahead.&n

bsp; IBM Research conducts annual studies on the global technology outlook
and challenges facing the industry in the foreseeable future.  The s

ignificant slowdown of the semiconductor technology scaling forces us to se

ek alternative approaches to improve system performances.  The advent
of internet-scale datacenters also require new system architectures and so

ftware running on top of it.  We cover these technology trends and di

scuss important research topics.

After the talk, the speaker
will provide one-to-one discussion with the students who are interested in
career opportunities at IBM Research. Those who are interested should send
email to sawada [at] us [dot] ibm [dot] com and make an appointment.

Speaker Bio:

Jun Sawada has received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University o

f Texas at Austin in 1999, and he has been a Research Staff Member at IBM

Austin Research Laboratory since then.  He has been working on the fo

rmal verification technology for microprocessor development and related fie

lds. Recently, he is working on the development of a next-generation BlueG

ene supercomputer.  His recent
recent research focuses on impr

oving processor power efficiency and performance while guaranteeing the cor

rectness with formal verification tools.   He also works as a I

BM Research''s Campus Relation Manager for the University of Texas.