LASR Colloquia - Ranveer Chandra/Microsoft Research, "Low-Cost, Long-Range Connectivity using the TV White Spaces", ENS 127

Contact Name: 
Jenna Whitney
Jan 13, 2011 11:00am - 12:00pm

Type of Talk: LASR Colloquia

Speaker/Affiliation: Ranveer

Chandra/Microsoft Research

Date/Time: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 1

1:00 a.m.

Location: ENS 127

Host: Lili Qiu

Talk Title: Low-C

ost, Long-Range Connectivity using the TV White Spaces

Talk Abstract:

On November 4th, 2008 the FCC made a historic decision to allow unlicen

devices (similar to Wi-Fi devices) to operate in the white spaces. Th

ese are
portions of the spectrum which are unoccupied by their licensed i

ncumbents, such
as TV transmitter. Compared to the ISM bands where Wi-Fi
operates, this portion
of the spectrum has several desirable properties
for robust data communications.
However, to make efficient use of this

spectrum in a way that is non-disruptive
to incumbents, there are a numb

er of challenges that must be handled. For
example, an unused portion of
the spectrum must be found, and it is likely that
its availability will
vary over time and location. To address such challenges, we
have develo

ped a hardware-software platform that includes a spectrum-aware Medium

cess Control (MAC) protocol and algorithms to deal with spectrum fragmentat

In this talk, I will describe these solutions and present some open
challenges in
enabling high speed wireless connectivity in the TV bands.

Speaker Bio:
Ranveer Chandra is a Researcher in the Networking Rese

arch Group at Microsoft
Research. His research is broadly focused on syst

ems issues in computer networks.
As part of his doctoral dissertation, R

anveer developed VirtualWiFi. The software
has been downloaded more than

150,000 times and is among the top 5 downloaded
software released by Mic

rosoft Research. It is also shipping as a feature in
Windows 7. Ranveer h

as published more than 35 papers, and filed over 40 patents,
11 of whic

h have been granted. He has won several awards, including best paper

rds at ACM CoNext 2008 and ACM SIGCOMM 2009, the Microsoft Research Gradua

Fellowship and the MIT Technology Review TR35 (2010). Ranveer has an

nundergraduate degree from IIT Kharagpur, India and a PhD from Cornell Uni