UTCS Colloquia - Dr. Dan Boneh/Stanford University, "Private Location-Based Services" ACES 2.302

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Jenna Whitney
Apr 28, 2011 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Type of Talk: UTCS Colloquia

Speaker/Affiliation: Dr. Dan Bone

h/Stanford University

Talk Audience: UTCS Faculty, Grad Students, Un

dergrads, and Outside Interested Parties

Date/Time: Thursday, April

28, 2011, 11:00 a.m.

Location: ACES 2.302

Host: Vitaly Shmatiko

v and Brent Waters via Center for Information Assurance and Security


alk Title: Private Location-Based Services

Talk Abstract: Location-ba

sed services from Facebook, Google, Loopt, and many others are quickly g

aining popularity. Many such services track the user''s location and make u

se of it as needed. While tracking raises privacy concerns, it is believed
to be unavoidable if users want the benefits of location-based services. I

n this talk we will give several examples of services that provide location

-based functionality without learning the user''s location. Our goal is to

show that privacy and functionality are not always in conflict. We will als

o discuss our experiences with deploying these mechanisms in the real world

. This is joint work with Arvind Narayanan, Mike Hamburg, and Narendran T


Speaker Bio: Dr. Boneh heads the applied crypto group at t

he Computer Science department at Stanford University. Dr. Boneh''s researc

h focuses on applications of cryptography to computer security. His work in

cludes cryptosystems with novel properties, security for mobile devices,

web security, digital copyright protection, and cryptanalysis. He is the

author of over a hundred technical publications in the field and a recipien

t of the Packard Award, the Alfred P. Sloan Award, the RSA award, and th

e Terman Award.