Corporate Connection/FoCS event - Stephen Whitley/Schlumberger, "Data in Context - Using Dimensions of Relevance to Locate Valuable Information", NHB (Hackerman Building) 1.720

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Jenna Whitney
Sep 15, 2011 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Type of Talk: Corporate Connection/FoCS


liation: Stephen Whitley/Schlumberger

Talk Audience: Undergradua

te Students and Graduate Students

Date/Time: Thursday, Septembe

r 15, 2011, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Location: NHB 1.720


ost: UTCS FoCS

Talk Title: "Data in Context - Using Dimens

ions of Relevance to Locate Valuable Information"

Talk Abs

tract: The use of computers in the Oil and Gas industry isn''t all spreadsh

eets and control panels; geoscientists and engineers access and use some o

f the most sophisticated and graphic intensive desktop applications everyda

y in the exploration and development of hydrocarbons.
At Schlumberger

Information Solutions (SIS), innovation and science are key to this. Produ

ct development teams across the world work closely with industry leaders to
pioneer the use of new technology and new ways of working to the oil and g

as desktop. With strong relationships with all the key technology players i

n the software and hardware arena, SIS is working to create common functio

nality and usability for software suites across disciplines. SIS also works
to extend how individuals, teams and companies interact, use and store t

he vast quantities of data collected in the Oil and Gas domain to make bett

er decisions for optimum results.

Speaker Bio: Stephen Whitley i

s the Houston Technology Center Manager at Schlumberger, the leading oilfi

eld services provider with over 100,000 employees of 140 nationalities ope

rating in 80 countries. He has worked as a computer scientist in the oil in

dustry for over 20 years and is currently responsible for overseeing produc

t development at the Houston Technology Center.  His system developme

nt experience covers the breadth of Schlumberger technology footprint and i

ncludes real-time systems for data acquisition, collaborating with NASA on
the transmission of high volume data, algorithms for supercomputers and m

assively parallel systems, and 3D subsurface modeling.