IEEE Sponsored Lecture - Darrin House/Microsoft, "Innovation at Microsoft", ECJ 1.202

Contact Name: 
Jenna Whitney
Oct 12, 2011 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Speaker/Affiliation: Darrin House/Microsoft

Talk Aud

ience: Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculty, McCombs Schoo

l of Business, and Engineering

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 1

2, 2011, 6:30 pm

Location: ECJ 1.202 (Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Ha

ll, 10th Floor)

Host: IEEE

Talk Title: "Innova

tion at Microsoft"

Talk Abstract: What is Innovation?&nbsp

; Where does innovation come from?   How can YOU be innovative

? At this talk you will learn how Microsoft helps its employees become inno

vators by giving them the time, resources and support that they need. Come
and learn the history of popular current technologies and their innovation

Speaker Bio: As senior test manager of Office Meetings,

Darrin House leads the test team that owns the new Meetings functionality o

f Office 15. The Meetings team is a new team in Office that is taking on th

e challenge of making meetings enjoyable as well as productive. It focuses

on the in-person meeting-in-progress experience, while at the same time wo

rking closely with a variety of teams including PowerPoint, OneNote, Outl

ook, WAC, and Lync.
Previously, Darrin was the Test manager of the

Visio team and joined Microsoft as part of the acquisition of Visio Corpora

tion in January 2000.   He joined Visio in March of 1994 as a t

est lead and helped the development team create Visio from a startup produc

t into a $500 million a year business. Before joining Visio, Darrin worked
for Autodesk corp. in Bothell, WA. as a tester working on various CAD pro

ducts over several years.