Advances in Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics - Held in honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor J. Tinsley Oden, ACES 2.302/2.402

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Jenna Whitney
Jan 19, 2012 8:30am - 5:30pm

8:30 am

Opening remarks and organizational matters (ACES



A. Chama, B. D. Reddy, Stable Mixed Finite
Element Approximations in Elasticity (ACES 2.302)

W. Beckner, Fracti

onal Smoothness and Embedding Potentials (ACES 2.402)


C. Bajaj, A. Rand, A. Gillette, Generalized Barycentric Interpolants
on Convex Polygons (ACES 2.302)

M. Ogino, H. Kawai, R. Shioya, and
G.Yagawa, An Efficient Domain Decomposition Algorithm for FE Simulation (

ACES 2.402)


A. Patra, E.B. Pitman, E.R. Stefanes

cu, K. Dalbey, and M.I. Bursik, Adaptivity, Parallel Computing and Loca

lization in Uncertainty Quantification with Application to Hazard Analysis

(ACES 2.302)

B. Engquist, Analysis of Multiscale Methods (ACES 2.402)


G. Guerra, F.A. Rochinha, R. Elias, D. de Oliv

eira, E. Ogasawara, J. Dias, F. Chirigati, V. Bragenholo, M. Mattoso,
A. Coutinho, Cleaning the Mess: Progress in Scientific Workflows for Mana

ging Large Scale Simulations (ACES 2.302)

M. Sacks, R. Fan, Soft Tis

sue Simulations Using Meso-Scale Structural Models (ACES 2.402)



J. Chelikowsky, Quantum Algorithms for Nanocrystals to Stra

nds of DNA (ACES 2.302)

K. Vemaganti, E. Roan, N. Billade, B. Sista

, Mechanical Characterization and Constitutive Modeling of Soft Biological
Materials: Challenges and Opportunities (ACES 2.402)


W. Rachowicz, Application of the Adaptive FEM for Solution of Electromag

netic Inverse Medium Scattering Problems (ACES 2.302)

T. Arbogast, H.
Xiao, A Multiscale Mortar Mixed Space Method Based On Homogenization for

Heterogeneous Elliptical Problems (ACES 2.402)

K. van d

er Zee, A. Hawkins-Daarud, S. Prudhomme, J.T. Oden, Diffuse-Interface T

umor-Growth Modeling and Simulation (ACES 2.302)

L. Demkowicz, J. Gop

alakrishnan, I. Muga, D. Pardo, A DPG Method for the Multidimensional He

lmholtz Equation with No Pollution (ACES 2.402)



Cafarelli, Nonlinear Problems Involving Nonlocal Diffusion (ACES 2.302)

Ph. Devloo, A. Farias, S. Gomes, On the Similarity Between the Petrov
Galerkin Method and a Double Projection Bubnov Galerkin Method (ACES 2.402



R. Elber, Temporal and Spatial Coarse Graining w

ith Milestoning (ACES 2.302)

S. Ghosh, Temporal Multi-Scaling in Crys

tal Plasticity FE Models of Polycrystalline Metals for Fatigue Crack Initia

tion (ACES 2.402)


Y. Feng, Engineering a Cure: A C

omputational Approach (ACES 2.302)

J.C. Browne, Effective Utilization
of Emerging Supercomputers: The Intersection of Computational Science and

Engineering and Software Engineering (ACES 2.402)


Hawkins-Daarud, K.R. Swanson, R. Rockne, Patient-Specific Mathematical

Models of Glioblastoma Multiforme (ACES 2.302)

L. Ying, Recent Develo

pments in Sweeping Preconditioners for Time Harmonic Wave Equations (ACES 2