Colloquia/Data Mining - Dr. Ashish Verma/IBM Research, New Delhi, India, "Research Directions at IBM Research - India", ACES 4.304

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Jenna Whitney
Mar 8, 2012 3:30pm - 4:30pm

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f Talk: Colloquia/Data Mining

Speaker/Affiliation: Dr. Ashish Verma/IB

M Research

Talk Audience: UTCS Faculty, Graduate Students and Outside
Interested Parties

Date/Time: Thursday, March 8, 2012, 3:30 pm

Location: ACES 4.304

Host: Inderjit Dhillon

Talk Title: Researc

h Directions at IBM Research - India

I will talk about som

e of the research directions at IBM Research - India, to transform the IT

services industry including infrastructure services, business process serv

ices and so on. One of the projects, called, Voice of Customer Analytics

, attempts to reduce the time and domain expertise required by a business a

nalyst to find actionable insights from unstructured data. I will discuss s

ome techniques to perform cross-domain clustering in order to leverage an a

lready existing clustering in a related domain. I will also talk about how

to use supervision during clustering in an iterative fashion for improved a

nd faster performance. I will describe some of the techniques for finding i

nfluential authors and attention prediction on social media, in the contex

t of another project, called SCION which focuses on social CRM. Finally,

I plan to briefly touch upon some of the efforts going on on Machine Transl

ation, topic modelling and Watson for Contact Centers.


is working as a Senior Researcher at IBM Research-India, New Delhi since 1

998 and currently managing the Contact Center and Speech Technologies group
at the lab. At IBM Research, he has been involved in various projects inv

olving speech and text analytics, such as, voice of Customer Analytics ,
automatic spoken language evaluation, contact center data mining, conver

sational understanding, audio-visual speech recognition, Indian languages
speech recognition, etc. His areas of interest include speech processing

, text processing, machine learning and contact center solutions. Ashish r

eceived his Ph.D. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in
2006 in the area of Digital Speech Processing. Earlier, he received his M

aster of Engineering degree in 1997 from Indian Institute of Science, Bang

alore and Bachelor of Engineering degree in 1995 from MMMEC, Gorakhpur.