Programming Languages Lunch - Yuhao Zhu/UTCS, "High-performance and Energy-efficient Mobile Web Browsing," PAI 3.14

Contact Name: 
John Thywissen
PAI 3.14
Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Type of Talk: Programming Languages Lunch

Speaker/Affiliation: Yuhao Zhu/UTCS

Talk Audience: UTCS Faculty and Grads

Date/Time: 10/22/2012, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Location: PAI 3.14

Talk Title: "High-performance and Energy-efficient Mobile Web Browsing"

Talk Abstract: The Internet web browsing has reached a critical tipping point. However, with the increasing complexity of webpages, the mobile device‚s computation capability and energy consumption become major pitfalls for a satisfactory user experience.  We propose a mechanism that effectively leverages a heterogeneous system with big/little cores each with different frequencies to balance the performance and energy consumption of mobile web browsing.  Real hardware and software evaluations demonstrate that our scheduling scheme achieves 8.6% energy savings and 4.0% performance improvement simultaneously as compared to a commonly used, OS-driven, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) scheduling.

We see a huge semantic gap between high-level web languages such as HTML/CSS and underlying microarchitecture.  We believe the gap is where the (performance/energy) inefficiencies come from.  An intermediate representation, we call it WebIR, which is semantically equivalent to high level web languages, but exposes core operations of processing a webpage to the runtime system and hardware will help bridge that gap and leads towards high-performance and energy efficient mobile web browsing.