UTCS Colloquia - Peter Chen, Professor, University of Michigan, "Supporting multithreaded programs with uniparallelism"

Contact Name: 
Brent Hay
ACE 2.302
Jan 31, 2013 11:00am - 12:00pm

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Talk Audience: UTCS Faculty, Grads

Host:  Lorenzo Alvisi

Talk Abstract:

Multithreaded programs are hard to write and debug.  Tools such as deterministic replay and race detection can help, but these tools are too slow to use routinely.  In this talk, I introduce a new style of executing programs, called uniparallelism, and I show how uniparallelism makes possible new and faster tools for supporting multithreaded programs.

Speaker Bio:

Peter M. Chen is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He is an ACM and IEEE Fellow and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems.  In 2007, he received the ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award "for creativity and innovation in operating systems research". His research interests include operating systems, computer security, and fault-tolerant computing.  He is currently investigating how to improve software reliability for multi-core computers and how to build low-cost computers for developing regions.  He regularly teaches a senior course on operating systems and a first-year course on computer engineering.