Food for Thought with Redfin "How to Suck the Marrow Out of Your First Job and Start a Company Before You're 25" with Glenn Kelman, CEO

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Jenna Whitney
GDC 6.302
Oct 24, 2013 1:00pm - 2:00pm

How to Suck the Marrow From Your First Job and Start a Company Before You’re 25: Most of us aren’t Mark Zuckerberg. We don’t start a company as a college undergraduate. This only increases the importance of our first job after college, which provides all the source materials for most entrepreneurs’ startups. In this talk, Redfin ($5 billion in home sales, pre-IPO) CEO and Plumtree (2002 IPO) founder Glenn Kelman explains how a would-be entrepreneur can systematically take from his first job everything he needs to start a company: an idea, a co-founder, a tour of duty through all the major functions of a business, a wide range of direct customer contact, a technology and ideological framework for thinking about new products. In short, this talk explains how an aspiring entrepreneur can suck the marrow out of his first job, so that it will be the last one in which you work for someone else.

Free pizza for students who attend the talk!