Programming Languages Lunch - Jayadev Misra, UTCS, "A general theory of semantics and verification of concurrent systems"

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John Thywissen
GDC 6.302
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Talk Abstract: We suggest a general theory for semantics and verification of concurrent systems. The theory is general enough that every conceivable concurrent system fits within it. A large class of safety, and linear and branching progress properties can be established using this theory. The theory is built on many of the familiar concepts such as, trace, partially-ordered sets, prefix-closure, denotation, Scott continuity theorem etc. We augment these concepts with additional ones to treat concurrency, non-determinacy, recursion, shared resources, fairness, divergence and real-time, within one simple theory.

Speaker Bio: Jayadev Misra is a professor and holder of the Schlumberger Centennial chair in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. He is known for his work in the area of concurrent programming, with emphasis on rigorous methods to improve the programming process. His work on the UNITY methodology, jointly with Chandy, has been influential in both academia and industry, and has spawned a large number of tools and research projects. He has recently developed a programming language, called "Orc", for concurrent orchestrations of interacting components. He is also spear-heading an effort, jointly with Tony Hoare, to automate large-scale program verification.

Misra is a fellow of the ACM and IEEE. He is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers at the University of Texas at Austin and was awarded the Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Texas, in 2010. He is the author of two books, "Parallel Program Design: A Foundation", Addison-Wesley, 1988, co-authored with Mani Chandy, and "A Discipline of Multiprogramming", Springer-Verlag, 2001. He is currently at work on a book on Orc, called "Structured Concurrent Programming".