FoCS Corporate Connection - Google AdWords: Challenges in building Big Data Systems

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Jenna Whitney
POB 2.302
Jan 29, 2014 1:30pm - 3:00pm
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Speaker: Ashish Gupta


Google AdWords Infrastructure team works on cutting edge large-scale distributed systems, which are core to the success of AdWords. Being in critical path of majority of Google‚s revenue, these systems need to be highly scalable and robust. In this talk, I will touch upon how our assumptions in building these large-scale systems have changed over the last several years. To give deeper insights into the challenges involved and the systems we build, I will go into more details about one of the components in Ads Backend infrastructure - Photon,  a geographically distributed system for joining multiple continuously flowing streams of data in real-time with high scalability and low latency.

We'll also go over available internships and full-time roles for PhD students.


Ashish Gupta is a Distinguished Software Engineer at Google. Ashish works in the Ads Backend Infrastructure group, where he works on numerous very large scale distributed system problems, including continuous event processing, peta-byte scale storage engines,  big data query processing, etc. Ashish holds a Masters in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin and did his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.