EGaDS! Academic Night: SMU Guildhall

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Cameron Weed
GDC 6.302
Mar 27, 2014 7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Game Development Program & EGaDS
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SMU Guildhall

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Real-Time 3D Graphics Techniques for Games


As video game consoles and PC graphics cards have increased in power and sophistication over the years, so has our ability to render 3D graphics in real time.  With typically fewer than 17 milliseconds in which to perform all of their AI, physics, audio, gameplay, and rendering computations each frame, video games have historically pushed single consumer machine performance boundaries to the bleeding edge and beyond.  In this lecture we will explore the evolution of real-time computer graphics in games, and survey some of the specific techniques used in modern graphics and hardware-accelerated programmable shaders to achieve a delicate balance of high performance, visual quality, and portability.