And what if I want to have someone to upload files for me using anonymous FTP?

The directory for this is /usr/spool/ftp/incoming. Change directory from any host on the CS production network, and create an upload directory for yourself with whatever name you wish and with mode 1777. That is,

$ cd /usr/spool/ftp/incoming

$ mkdir MySpecialDirectory

$ chmod 1777 MySpecialDirectory

Then tell your colleague to ftp into, change to incoming/MySpecialDirectory, and upload the files.


Some notes:

  • Files can't be uploaded into the top level incoming directory. You must create a subdirectory for yourself.
  • Uploaded files cannot be downloaded by ftp again. You must retrieve them by logging into Unix and copying them to another directory.
  • Uploaded files are owned by the FTP server. For you to be able to read them, they must be public. This means other users can read them as well. You should watch for the upload, retrieve your files promptly, and remove them when done.
  • Incoming files older than 7 days are automatically deleted, and any upload directories thus left empty are also deleted.