There's something wrong in one of the labs or one of the buildings (the A/C isn't working, it's flooding, it's on fire, one of the light bulbs is burned out, ...). Who do I report it to? How do I get it fixed?

Facilities problems should be reported directly to Physical Plant Planning and Scheduling by calling 471-0043 (for GDC) during normal working hours, or sending email to pphlp [at] utxdp [dot] dp [dot] utexas [dot] edu.

For urgent conditions outside normal working hours please call 471-2020.

For urgent conditions directly affecting CS department facilities, e.g. fire, flood, ceiling leaks onto machines, etc, please notify gripe [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu after notifying emergency personnel.

A lot of information about printers, including location, is stored in the file /etc/printcap -- you can look there for the location of a specific printer. You can also run man printers for usage and location information about the public printers.