How do I connect my own computer to the network ?

Assuming you want more than wireless networking, you have two options. One is only intended for short-term visitors and students such as undergrads without offices. These users can again use Horatio with the public DHCP network jacks located in all of our public unix labs. These jacks should be clearly labelled as public, Horatio connectors. Most will have ethernet cables already attached.

For longer term / office usage, we are happy to offer you a static IP address or a DHCP address. For DHCP, please submit a shopreq requesting a dynamic address, and informing us of the building, room #, and wall jack #, and we will set up a connection to horatio. For those wanting a static IP address, we'll need the following submitted in a shopreq (type 'shopreq' at the command line on a unix machine or visit this web page):

  1. A requested hostname (in
  2. Computer vendor make/model (e.g. Dell/Precision-390n).
  3. The location of the computer. Please provide a Building AND a room number.
    (Please don't say something like Prof Smith's Laboratory)
  4. The walljack number, or the label on the cable in some buildings, any number which identifies where the computer is to be physically connected to the network.
  5. Operating system(s).
  6. Name of computer's owner (i.e. who paid for it).
  7. Name of the system administrator for this machine. This will be the "Responsible Person" and will be expected to be able to respond quickly and knowledgeably to reports of security violations and other types of abuse. He or she is expected to install, maintain, and run the computer in a responsible manner.
  8. The UTID, if owned by the university. This will be a six digit integer, probably beginning with an '8' if it is a recent purchase. It will appear on a tag which has been attached to the computer by the University, and not the vendor.
  9. If there is no UTID, then please provide the vendor's serial number. This is typically on the back of a computer, sometimes identified by "SN".