How can I use webmail with my CS mailbox?

You have several options:

  • You can easily use the CS webmail to connect to your CS mail account. Simply log in using your CS account and password.
  • You can also use a third party webmail server, such as Yahoo. You can select options to have that service automatically pull mail from your CS account. This option is not recommended as we have no control over, or access to Yahoo's operations and you have no recourse if something goes wrong (ie they delete all your mail and fail to show it to you). But for those who already have Yahoo or similar service setup, it may be easier than setting up or visiting yet another location to retrieve mail. On Yahoo, select the mail tab, then "mail options", then "mail accounts" and add the CS mail server and your account. This transaction will NOT be encrypted, nor is their transmission to/and from UT so your password and mail contents are visible to any bad guys between you and yahoo and between yahoo and the CS department. Please see the previous questions in this FAQ section for the POP, IMAP and SMTP settings.
  • Forward your mail to a separate offsite address which already provides webmail, such as hotmail or gmail.