What happened to FTP access?

In our continuing effort to keep UTCS a secure network, FTP access will no longer be allowed from outside of our network. The FTP protocol transmits your password in cleartext which presents a security concern.

If you need remote file access, we recommend using an SFTP or SCP client, both of which use strong encryption to protect your password.

For Windows, we recommend:

  • WinSCP (SCP client)
    • Available for free here.
  • SSH Secure Shell (SFTP client)
    • Available for free from bevoware.
    • ITS maintains instructions for using SSH Secure Shell as an SFTP client.

For Mac OS X, we recommend:

  • Fugu (SCP client)
    • Available for free here.
  • Fetch (SFTP client)

For a list of publicly accessible machines you can connect to, click here.