Is there a database system like Oracle or MySQL installed?

An Oracle database server is installed for use by some classes; check with the class instructor about how to get access to it and how to use it. The MySQL database system is installed in /lusr/etc, with the database server program (mysqld) installed only on the Linux machines and client programs and libraries on all of the architectures. MySQL was installed originally to support a staff project, which is why it is installed in /lusr/etc and not on the default path as why the server is installed only under Linux. We don't really have the resources to support a dedicated database for everyone to use, and we don't have the resources to let everyone run a copy of the database server on production machines all the time. However, if you want to run MySQL while you are actively logged in, you can use the --datadir=path argument to mysqld to tell it to look for the database files somewhere in your home directory. Try not to use too much space or processor time, and remember to shut down the server before you log out. Also, be careful about unauthorized access since the security of your database is up to you. If MySQL is abused to the point of causing problems for other people, we will have to turn the bits off to prevent anyone from using it. At the moment, we don't plan to install any web-based interfaces or any other additions to MySQL. For more information about MySQL, check the documentation available online.

Also, in some cases we can support your MySQL needs on a less-supported but departmentally maintained server. The faq page on Z has more information about the services provided there.