Alan K. Cline

GDC 5.808
(512) 471-9717
cline [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu

Cline’s research interests include Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Mathematical Software.

UTCS Research Areas: 
Selected Awards & Honors: 
  • Election to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers - 2005
  • Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching - 2009
  • University of Texas Regents Outstanding Teachers Award - 2010  
Selected Publications: 
  • (with Inderjit S. Dhillon) Computation of the Singular Value Decomposition, Chapter 45 of Handbook of Linear Algebra, edited by Leslie Hogben et al, CRC Press, 2006.
  • (with D. H. King and J. M. Meyering) Routing and Scheduling Coast Guard Buoy Tenders Interfaces, Vol. 22, pp. 56-72, 1992.
  • (with R. J. Renka) A Constrained Two Dimensional Triangulation and the Solution of Closest Node Problems in the Presence of Barriers, SIAM J. Numerical Analysis, Vol. 27, pp. 1305-1321, 1990.
  • (with R. J. Renka) A Triangle-based Interpol C1 Interpolation Method, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 14, pp. 223-238, 1984.
  • (with R. J. Renka) A Storage-efficient Method for Construction of a Thiessen Triangulation, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 14, pp. 119-140, 1984.
  • FITPACK--A Software Package for Curve and Surface Fitting Employing Splines Under Tension, Pleasant Valley Software, Austin, 1984.
Professional Activities: 
  1. Member of Editorial Board, SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing, 1984 - 1992.
  2. Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 1975 - 1976.
  3. Algorithms Editor, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, 1973 - 1975.
  4. Southern Regional Director, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, 1987 - 1989.
  5. Director, ACM Special Interest Group on Numerical Mathematics, 1981 - 1984.