Robert Baillargeon
MethodPark (USA)

Francis Bordeleau
Ericsson (Canada)

Ruth Breu
Universitaet Innsbruck (Austria)

Achim Brucker
University of Sheffield (UK)

Jörg Dörr
Fraunhofer IESE (Germany)

Thomas Goldschmidt
ABB Corporate Research (Germany)

Hardi Hungar
OFFIS (Germany)

Steven Kelly
Metacase (Finland)

Heiko Koziolek
ABB Corporate Research (Germany)

Tihamér Levendovszky
Microsoft (USA)

Betsy Pepels
Dutch Tax Authority (Netherlands)

Isabelle Perseil
INSERM (France)

Rob Pettit
The Aerospace Corp (USA)

Sreedhar Reddy
Tata Consultancy Services Research (India)

Ralf Reussner

Harald Ruess
Fortiss (Germany)

Bran Selic
Malina Software Corp (Canada)

Tao Yue
Simula Research Laboratory (Norway)