2011 UTCS Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony

2011 UTCS Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony

UTCS honored new Ph.D. graduates at its annual hooding ceremony. Each new graduate received a short testimonial from his or her graduate research advisor. The new doctors were then hooded by UTCS Professor Lorenzo Alvisi. Afterwards, a reception was held for graduates, faculty, friends and family.

UTCS Congratulates 2011 College of Natural Sciences Undergraduate Research Forum Award and Fellowship Winners!

2011 College of Natural Sciences Undergraduate Research Forum

On Friday, April 8, 2011, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) hosted the annual Undergraduate Research Forum. Six UTCS students were recognized by the college for their outstanding posters and presentations and were honored with awards and fellowships.

Hack U: Yahoo's 24-hour Programming Contest

PhoneSlice, a version of the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja, won Yahoo's UT-Austin Hack U contest. Farhad Abasov, Michael Teng, and Michael Akilian created a proxy server to communicate between two iPhones and the Flash application. One iPhone was used to throw the fruit and the other to slice it. Because of the implementation difficulties involved in communicating between an iPhone and Flash and all of the custom technology that they had to build within the 24-hour period, they won the HackU event and took home new iPads.


GradFest Open House 2011

The Department of Computer Science hosted prospective Ph.D. students at GradFest 2011, a two-day exploration of UTCS research, resources, and community. Over 20 admitted students attended panel discussions, toured labs, and met with faculty one-on-one. Current graduate students hosted the out-of-towners in their own homes for a real look at life as a UTCS grad student.


The Jeopardy Challenge!

Watson, named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, is the world’s most advanced question-answer system. It uses breakthrough analytics to understand what is being asked, analyze massive amounts of data, and provide the best answer based on the evidence it finds. A core team of 25 IBM programmers developed the system and software. They downloaded information from books, movie scripts, encyclopedias, textbooks, news archives, the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible to Watson’s brain chip, a Power7 processor—primarily designed in Austin.

2011 UTCS University Interscholastic League Contest

On Saturday, February 12th, the Computer Science department hosted 158 students from 32 different high schools at the 2nd annual UTCS University Interscholastic League (UIL) Contest. Teams from all over the state traveled to compete in the open format contest. In addition to local Austin area schools, there were entries from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waller, Weslaco, Ozona and Palacios.


Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and the Dell Computer Science Hall

DigCS celebrated a historic and critical milestone in UTCS's journey to its new home - the groundbreaking for the new Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and the Dell Computer Science Hall—with the DigCS Street Fair & Groundbreaking.



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