Computer Careers

The typical vision of computer use may be a desktop PC or laptop in an office. But in actuality, any industry that requires fast communication, number crunching, data storage, high-speed graphics, or data analysis is bound to use computers and is therefore a likely source for computer careers. Computer careers are available in a wide range of industry sectors, including the military, criminal justice, education, communications, media, space exploration, construction, meteorology, medical research, and many more.


The Computer Girls

"The Computer Girls"

Today it's almost assumed that computer science is a field set aside for nerdy men. Writing at the blog of the programming firm Fog Creek Software, Anna Lewis, the firm's recruiting director, says it isn't so. In fact, in 1987, 42% of American programmers were women -- and, for a period, programming was even considered "women's work."


Worried about jobs, college women go 'geek'

An important catalyst driving women into the field of computer science is the concerted effort made by many schools to encourage women to do so. At the University of California, Berkeley, the director of diversity in the department of electrical engineering and computer science is spearheading a drive to get women into the field. The University of Texas hosts a free one-week camp for 60 high school girls called First Bytes.


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