Spring 2012 Newsletter

Spring 2012 Newsletter - Research Edition

Research in computer science drives advances in computing expertise. Computer science has become the enabling science of our age. It is the engine that drives innovation and discovery in science, engineering, medicine, business, and national defense and will soon transform arts, humanities, and the social sciences.

From the Chair: Research

Research in computer science has shown a remarkable ability to change the world. Just consider some of the $1B industries that were spawned from basic research in computer science: Internet search, graphics and animation, relational databases, data mining, and speech recognition. ...

Capital Campaign Update: Taking Research to the Next Level

Capital Campaign Update: Taking Research to the Next Level

The Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall is under way with a projected completion date of winter 2012! The Gates Complex will be the first step in the department's plan to transform computing education and research in Texas. ...

Research Corner: Computational Drug Discovery

Research Corner: Computational Drug Discovery

Discoveries in bioinformatics provide new therapeutic interventions to disease by replacing expensive, time-consuming physical experiments with an automated computational search. Public databases now contain experimentally determined sequence and structural information for hundreds of thousands of proteins ...

The Empowering Leadership Alliance

Empowering Leadership Alliance Students Get Into Undergraduate Research

The Empowering Leadership Alliance is a computer science student organization aimed at helping minorities gain a sense of what opportunities are available in various fields in technology. ...

Alumni Reconnect: Russ Gayle (BS 2003)

Alumni Reconnect: Russ Gayle (BS 2003)

One of the challenges of working as a computer scientist and engineer at Sandia National Laboratories is to not be distracted by the breadth of innovative work that goes on. In any given week, I am exposed to topics and research in network and computer security, robotics, and exascale computing, to name a few. ...

Friends of Computer Science

Friends of Computer Science Partner Research

The Friends of Computer Science (FoCS) program at UTCS is fortunate to count many companies with world-class research programs as partners. FoCS partners Google, IBM, Microsoft, Sandia National Laboratories and Yahoo! are all on the forefront of technological innovation. ...

Faculty News

Faculty at UTCS are at the forefront of the digital revolution. We invite you to view our faculty awards and honors.

For more information about our faculty, please see the research page of the UTCS website.

Staff News

We congratulate Toren Smith, Software Engineer, who won the 2012 College of Natural Sciences Staff Excellence Award.

We also congratulate our Service Awardees:

  • Amy Bush, Systems Administrator II for 10 years of service
  • Scott Sutcliffe, Computer System Development Specialist for 15 years of service
  • Agnes Yu, Executive Assistant for 20 years of service