When can I add / drop / withdraw from my class(es)?

The College of Natural Sciences uses the UT calendar for purposes of registration, adding and dropping courses, and withdrawing from the university.

The general schedule for each semester is as follows:

* Class days 1 – 4, add via the online Registration system
* Class days 5 – 12, advisors may add students within the departmental classes (at their discretion)
* Class days 1 – 12, drop via the online Registration system
* Class day 13 on, adds or drops can be initiated in the CNS Dean's office (WCH 1.106); classes dropped after the 12th class day show up on your record as a Q-drop (a drop without refund or penalty). You are allotted 6 Q-drops in your entire undergraduate career.

If you drop a class up to the 12th class day, you will receive a tuition refund, if necessary, and classes do not appear on the permanent record. Not attending does not automatically drop you from classes or withdraw you from UT; you need to do that yourself. Always double-check your final schedule before the 12th class day.

Important dates for Spring 2013:
Jan 7: Add-drops for students who have registered and paid their tuition
Jan 14: Classes begin
Jan 17: last day to add-drop classes on your own through the registration system online
Jan 30: Last date to drop a class for a possible refund and without a Q
Apr 1: Q-drop deadline - last day for students to drop a class with a Q on their record, last day to apply to graduate or walk in May ceremony
Apr 15 - 26: Registration for Summer and Fall 2013 semesters 

You can find more important Spring 2013 dates on the UT calendar