What grade do I need in my class to fulfill my degree requirement?

This is dependent on what class you are taking.

For all CS, math or science courses required by your degree, you must make a C- or better. This means that if you make below a C- on any of these classes, they will only count as electives and will have to be retaken for a grade of C- or better to count for your degree.

If you are taking a core-curriculum course, foreign language course, or elective (i.e. UGS, GOV, HIS, Social Science, RHE, etc.), you must make a D- or better to fulfill that degree requirement. If you make less than a D- on a core-curriculum course or elective, it will not count and you will need to retake the course or choose another option (if you area allowed a choice, such as Social Science or elective courses).