I’m not a CS student, but I want to take CS courses.

CS advisors will not add non-majors (including internal transfers who do not yet have the CS major on their record) to our restricted courses during the regular registration period to ensure that all of our current students have an opportunity to register for their required courses.

If you are planning to change your major to Computer Science (or add a second major), please follow the instructions on the Internal Transfer page.

If you are not planning to change your major to Computer Science, you may pick up a CS Course Request Form in the CS Advising Center on the 1st class day of the semester. You will need to get your current advisor's signature and turn the form back in by the 5th class day to be added.

In the meantime, we recommend that you register for full-time hours, even if you have to register for a "place-holder" course to get to 12 or more hours.