Breakfast Bytes


Brunch for the Brain. Join us in the new Gates Dell Complex for cool talks and interact with technology as we serve up cutting-edge computer science. Now serving Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon on the UT campus. Breakfast Bytes is a free Saturday morning program for middle and high school students, and their parents. UTCS professors and industry guests lead interactive computer science discussions and activities.

Mark your calendar! 2013-14 Breakfast Bytes:

  • September 28, 2013 - Games are More that Just Writing Code: Designing and developing games is a pathway to learning STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) subject matter.  Creating games requires systems thinking, creativity, creative problem solving, artistic aesthetics, communications, and collaboration.  Developing these skills can lead students to careers in areas such as art, design, and programming.  This session will serve up some tasty game design activities, and will include a discussion on how learning STEAM can lead to a groovy life.  Presented by Paul Toprac, PhD, Associate Director and Senior Lecturer, UT Austin Game Development Program - a Computer Science, Fine Arts, and Radio-Television-Film collaboration.

  • November 23, 2013 - Project Illuminate: Arduino microcontroller hobby boards are being used by people all over the world to create everything from aquarium lights that mimic the day and night sky (including moon phases!) to fabrics with embedded LEDs.  In this session, we'll use Arduino Uno boards to control programmable strands of color-changing G35 lights (commonly known as "Christmas lights").  We will discuss how to convert the lights from the manufacturer's out-of-the-box default to something you can control, introduce programming on the Arduino, and then try programming the lights.  We'll also look at some of the light shows completed by the girls in our summer camp, First Bytes.  Presented by Alison Norman, PhD, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
  • March 1, 2014 - Explore UT!  There's lots to do and see in the Department of Computer Science during Explore UT.  Please join us in the Gates Dell Complex for activities, presentations, and popcorn.
  • March 29 , 2014 - The Art of the Possible (and the Impossible) in Distributed Computing:  Imagine tens of thouusands of interconnected computers throughout the planet coordinating their actions to create virtual worlds for the consumption of humans.  This is not a scene from "The Matrix," (or some other science fiction movie) but just a normal day at companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google, where gigantic "distributed systems" operate 24/7 to provide us the services on which we rely.  The role of a researcher in distributed computing is to understand how to grow the size of these systems without affecting their performance, while at the same time improving their robustness (something like trying to grow a leopard to the size of a T-Rex, with a second skin made of ultra-flexible armor).  It does not sound easy--but is it even possible?  That is a question that comes up often when reasoning about distributed systems!  Join us to explore some of the key questions that one faces building these systems, and come ready to help come up with some answers!  Presented by Lorenzo Alvisi, PhD, Professor, Department of Computer Science.


Where is Breakfast Bytes?
Breakfast Bytes is in the Auditorium in the Gates Dell Complex (GDC 2.216).  The Gates Dell Complex (GDC) is at 2317 Speedway (just south of 24th and Speedway).  The Auditorium is on the main floor of the building, off the atrium.

When is Breakfast Bytes?
Breakfast Bytes is held 10 a.m. to noon.

Is there parking available?
Students or parents can park in the Speedway Garage, the 27th Street Garage, or the San Jacinto Garage.

What age group should attend?
Breakfast Bytes is for middle and high school students.

Is there a fee?
No, Breakfast Bytes is free.

Do students have to attend all the sessions or can they pick those of interest?
Students are welcome to attend any or all sessions.
Will food be served?
Yes, we will serve a light breakfast.

How can I sign up?
An RSVP is not required. Middle and high school students are welcome just to show up!

How do I request accomodations for a student with a disability?
Please email lmcnabb [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu (Lori McNabb) at least one week prior to the event to request accomodations for a middle or high school student.