Operating systems, Distributed systems, and Networking


Our systems research focuses on building large prototype software systems that convincingly demonstrate novel design principles and implmentation techniques using realistic workloads.

  • Operating systems
    • Concurrency control. Storage systems. Virtualization. Transactions. 
  • Secure systems 
    • Mandatory access control. Information flow. Secure cloud computing.
  • Real-time systems
    • Resource scheduling, wireless control, virtualization, resource security, timing specification and semantics 
  • Distributed systems
    • Replicated state machines. Fault tolerance. Gossip algorithms. Game theory. Failure detectors. 
  • Communication networks and protocols
    • Network architecture and algorithms. Network measurement, management, and security. Network protocol design. Network applications and services. Social and information networks. 
  • Wireless networks
    • Wireless mesh, vehicular, sensor, cognitive, and mobile social networks. Wireless network design, measurement, analysis, optimization, and management.