Internal Transfer/Change of Major

The deadline has passed for Summer/Fall 2014 transfer into Computer Science.

Eligibility to transfer:

Effective Fall 2014, students may not transfer from UT Austin colleges and schools to the College of Natural Sciences once they have completed four semesters in residence or 60 hours of coursework in residence. Students seeking an exception to this rule should submit a petition. Additional restrictions may apply. 

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Transfer admission to the College of Natural Sciences is competitive based on academic performance and offered on a space-available basis. 

Students currently enrolled in other colleges or schools at the University may apply by April 15, 2015 to be considered for admission into an entry-level major in the following fall semester (Fall 2015). If April 15th falls on a weekend or an official university holiday, the application is due on the next business day.

To be considered, prospective internal transfer students should:

  • Complete a minimum of twenty-four semester hours in residence.
  • Complete one of the following courses in residence: Mathematics 408C, 408D, 408K, 408L, 408N, 408S, and Statistics and Data Sciences 302.
  • Complete two of the following courses in residence: Biology 311C, Chemistry 301, 302, Physics 303K, and 303L, or majors level equivalents.
  • Submit an essay describing how the intended major would impact achievement of the educational and career goals.

Meeting all of the criteria does not guarantee admission. Students who do not meet all of the criteria are welcome to apply. Students may also submit evidence of scientific achievements in the form of a resume or other document, if desired.

Steps to transfer into Computer Science:

  1. Attend an internal transfer information session (not required)
  2. Complete the College of Natural Sciences internal transfer process
  3. Meet with a CS advisor if your questions were not answered at the information session (must attend an info session to be eligible to make an appointment with an advisor)

The deadline for Summer/Fall 2014 internal transfer has passed.

Internal Transfer Information Sessions

Fall 2014 dates to be announced