Internal Transfer/Change of Major

The deadline has passed for Spring 2014 transfer into Computer Science.

Any student wishing to transfer must fill out the application to transfer for Summer/Fall 2014 and may fill out a CS Course Request Form to request space in a Spring 2014 CS course by the 4th class day if space is available.

Eligibility to transfer:

  • Be currently enrolled in undergraduate courses at UT Austin
  • Have an overall UT GPA of at least 2.5 (excluding transfer courses and credit by exam)
  • Have no more than 60 hours in-residence or more than 4 long semesters at UT. For example: if you are in your fourth semester at UT and have 60 hours or less you may apply. If you are in your third semester and have 63 hours you are not eligible. If you are in you fifth semester and have 33 hours you are not eligible.

Steps to transfer into Computer Science:

  1. Attend an internal transfer information session (not required)
  2. Complete the online Internal Transfer Application by the deadline
  3. Fill out the additional Change of College paperwork in GDC 2.702 by the deadline
  4. Meet with a CS advisor if your questions were not answered at the information session (must attend an info session to be eligible to make an appointment with an advisor)

You must complete your online application and fill out the Change of College paperwork in GDC 2.702 by the following deadlines:
To transfer into UTCS for Summer or Fall:  May 1st at 5pm

Internal Transfer Information Sessions:

  • Tuesday, February 4th from 3 - 4pm in GDC 6.302
  • Wednesday, March 5th from 10 - 11am in GDC 6.302
  • Thursday, April 3rd from 11am - noon in GDC 6.302