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Ambassador tours are for high school juniors and seniors or transfer students with less than 30 hours of credit. If you have more than 30 hours of credit or are seeking a second degree, you will need to contact admissions with questions and call and make an appointment with a CS advisor once you are admitted.

We will not be offering tours during the Summer of 2014. Tours are offered based on Ambassador availability and all of the UTCS Ambassadors will be away for the summer pursuing summer internships and research opportunities.

The University of Texas and College of Natural Sciences both offer opportunities for prospective students to visit during the summer. Please visit their website to register for an information session. You will find College of Natural Science information sessions, residential hall tours, general campus tours and more!

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The Computer Science Ambassadors are current CS majors who can answer questions about the major from a student perspective. Like you, they had to apply to the university and navigate the transition from high school to college. Now that they have acclimated to campus, taken some CS classes, joined student organizations, and possibly completed internships, worked a campus job or participated in a research project, they can share their experiences with you.

All portions of the Ambassador tours are handled by current UTCS students. This includes everything from creating appointments with the advisors and faculty specifically for prospective students, picking the classes to visit, scheduling tours, answering emails, giving building tours, meeting with prospective students, and more. This is a volunteer position and students have classes and other activities in addition to their duties as ambassadors. For this reason, feel free to send a follow up email if you have an emergency or have not heard back from us after 3 business days and understand that our students are volunteers who are balancing schoolwork as well as creating the best possible experience for prospective UT students. Email correspondence is preferred. Please check your spam folder for replies before sending a follow up email. If after 3 business days you still have not heard back and your visit is fast approaching, please contact lmcnabb [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu (Lori McNabb) in the Academics office.

There are several options available for visits with Ambassadors. Visits are typically scheduled Mondays and Fridays in the morning and afternoon. If you would like to visit campus another day, please let us know that when you email, and we will do our best to arrange a visit another day but we cannot guarantee anything for requests outside of our schedule tours. Before requesting a tour, please check the calendar of available dates to make sure your desired date is available. Please provide at least seven days notice when scheduling a visit, so that we can be sure an Ambassador is available to serve as your escort. Our tours are catered to high school juniors and seniors and transfer students with less than 30 hours of credit. Due to the increased demand for ambassador tours, we are unfortunately not able to schedule UTCS Ambassador tours for students who do not fit into one of those categories. You are more than encouraged to visit UT through other visit opportunities [include link to general tours]. (For Spring tours: High school juniors interested in the honors tour are welcome to come in the spring and encouraged to visit in the fall when the freshman introductory honors course is offered. Please note that during the Spring semester, priority is given to admitted seniors.)

We will not be offering tours during the Summer of 2014. Tours are offered based on Ambassador availability and all of the UTCS Ambassadors will be away for the summer pursuing summer internships and research opportunities.

We will not be providing tours this summer. While we would love to host prospective students, the UTCS Ambassadors feel very strongly that the best tour experiences occur when prospective students are able to see the UT campus and UTCS Department in full swing! It will be well worth your while to wait until our Fall tour season begins!

Fall 2014 Tours will begin on Monday, September 22nd. If you are interested in visiting during the fall semester or would like to receive information when it becomes available, please feel free to email ambassadors [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu and we will follow up with you. Because our ambassadors are away for the summer, your email will likely go unanswered until the last week of  August. If you plan to visit before mid/late September, you will not receive a full Ambassador tour. School does not start until the end of August and we will not offer tours before school starts. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email ambassadors [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu.

calendar of available dates is available for your scheduling convenience. Please understand that the available dates in the summer are affected by summer orientation for incoming freshmen. We appreciate a 7 day notice before your arrival on campus and cannot guarantee a full tour without this prior notice. Please email ambassadors [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu if you are interested in scheduling a tour or have any questions.

We encourage you to visit during the Fall and Spring semesters! Typical activities for a CS Ambassador visit include:


Tour the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex
Explore the newest building on campus on a building tour led by a current student ambassador. See the labs and other facilities enjoyed by UTCS students.


Attend a Class
Sit in an entry-level course to get a glimpse into college life. Get an idea of class size, professor teaching styles, and how a college course compares to your high school classes.

3 Meet with an Academic Advisor
Review the curriculum and discuss special programs like the Turing Scholars Honors and 5-Year Integrated BS/MS.
4 Meet with a Current Student
Speak with a CS Ambassador about their college selection experience, why they chose UT, how they transitioned to college, how they enjoy living in Austin, and what it's REALLY like to be a CS major.

**Meetings with the faculty member during honors tours is subject to faculty member availability and is not guaranteed unless student has been admitted to the Turing Scholars program.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to schedule a visit, please email ambassadors [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu. 


Where is the Department of Computer Science (UTCS)? 
UTCS is located in the new Gates Dell Complex (GDC), at 2317 Speedway, just south of 24th St.  We're in region 5 on the campus map.  You can click on our region of the map for more details.

Where do we go once we find the Gates Dell Complex (GDC)?  
The Ambassador office is in the academic suite, GDC 2.702.  It's on the right after you enter GDC (from Speedway).

Where can we park?  
The closest UT parking garages are the San Jacinto Garage (SJG, in region 6 on the campus map), the Speedway Garage (SWG, region 1), and the 27th Street Garage (TSG, region 1).  Parking for 4-8 hours is $15.  The walk to GDC from the garages is about 10 minutes. 

Is there a bus from the airport to campus?  
Capital Metro's Airport Flyer #100 comes to campus from the airport, and leaves the airport every hour and half hour.  Exit the airport from baggage claim and you'll see the bus stop on the far right on the median.  The bus costs $1.50.  It will drop you off on the east side of the football stadium, a 10-minute walk to GDC.  The stadium is in region 8 of the campus map.    

What hotels are near campus?  
There are lots of hotels near campus.  Our zip code is 78712, which you can use to search your favorite travel website.

Is breakfast available nearby, if we arrive early?  
Texas Coffee Traders operates GDC's coffee shop, the Qualcomm Cafe.  O's Campus Cafe is in the O'Donnell Building (POB) just north of GDC.  There's a Starbucks, Taco Cabana, and a Chick-fil-A in the Student Activity Center (SAC) southeast of GDC.

What if we get lost?  
The UT mobile app for iPhones has a map that shows you where you are on campus.  And, there are maps posted around campus too. 

If you are planning a campus visit, you may find the following links useful: