Elad Liebman
Ph.D. Student
Elad is interested in machine learning and its application in autonomous multiagent settings, as well as the emergent field of computational musicology. Before coming to UT he did his undergrad in CS and music composition (double-major program) and a MSc in CS, both at Tel Aviv University (his Masters thesis subject: A Phylogenetic Approach to Music Performance Analysis). Elad's current work focuses on learning musical preferences and modeling the effect of musical stimuli on human decision making. In his free time, Elad enjoys music in every way and form (listening to it, playing the piano and the guitar, and writing his own), reading (anything from classic literature and philosophy to the sports section), cooking, and playing racquetball.
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Decision mechanisms underlying mood-congruent emotional classification 2017
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Designing Better Playlists with Monte Carlo Tree Search 2017
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Fast and Precise Black and White Ball Detection for RoboCup Soccer 2017
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Adaptation of Surrogate Tasks for Bipedal Walk Optimization 2016
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On the Analysis of Complex Backup Strategies in Monte Carlo Tree Search 2016
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Bin-Based Estimation of the Amount of Effort for Embedded Software Development Projects with Support Vector Machines 2016
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Impact of Music on Decision Making in Quantitative Tasks 2016
Elad Liebman, Peter Stone, and Corey N. White, In 17th International Society for Music Information retrieval Conference (ISMIR), NYC, USA, August 2016.
DJ-MC: A Reinforcement-Learning Agent for Music Playlist Recommendation 2015
Elad Liebman, Maytal Saar-Tsechansky, and Peter Stone, In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), Istanbul, Turkey, May 2015.
How Music Alters Decision Making: Impact of Music Stimuli on Emotional Classification 2015
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Representative Selection in Nonmetric Datasets 2015
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Simultaneous Learning and Reshaping of an Approximated Optimization Task 2013
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