ATTac-2000: An Adaptive Autonomous Bidding Agent (2001)
Peter Stone, Michael L. Littman, Satinder Singh, and Michael Kearns
The First Trading Agent Competition (TAC) was held from June 22nd to July 8th, 2000. TAC was designed to create a benchmark problem in the complex domain of e-marketplaces and to motivate researchers to apply unique approaches to a common task. This article describes ATTac-2000, the first-place finisher in TAC. ATTac-2000 uses a principled bidding strategy that includes several elements of adaptivity. In addition to the success at the competition, isolated empirical results are presented indicating the robustness and effectiveness of ATTac-2000's adaptive strategy.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol. 15 (2001), pp. 189-206.

Peter Stone Faculty pstone [at] cs utexas edu