ATT-CMUnited-2000: Third Place Finisher in the RoboCup-2000 Simulator League (2001)
Patrick Riley, Peter Stone, David McAllester, and Manuela Veloso
The ATT-CMUnited-2000 simulator team finished in third place at Robocup-2000. It was one of only three teams to finish ahead of the previous year's champion, CMUnited-99. ATT-CMUnited-2000 is based upon CMUnited-99, which in turn is is based on CMUnited-98. In particular, it uses all of the techniques embodied in the previous teams, including: (1) Hierarchical machine learning (Layered learning); (2) Flexible, adaptive formations (Locker-room agreement); (3) Single-channel, low-bandwidth communication; (4) Predictive, locally optimal skills (PLOS); (5) Strategic positioning using attraction and repulsion (SPAR). Our goal in creating ATT-CMUnited-2000 was to investigate new research directions.
In RoboCup-2000: Robot Soccer World Cup IV, P. Stone and T. Balch and G. Kraetzschmar (Eds.), Vol. 2019, Berlin 2001. Springer Verlag.

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